When A Great Job Wraps Up…. (Part 2)

When A Great Job Wraps Up…. (Part 2)

When a client comes to me, quite often they have design ideas swimming around in their head, but often they don’t know how to express them. So, I usually start off giving them a little homework…yes, homework! First, I ask them to browse through interior design magazines and tear out or use stickies on photographs that they like either all or a portion of. The more, the better. It’s the best way that I, as their designer, can understand what they want their home to look and feel like. So, tear, circle, highlight, and write comments are the instructions I give.

Then we review every single photo they bring me and I ask tons of questions to really get a good feeling for their style and color preferences. If I don’t think I’m certain, then we continue until I get it. It’s my job, not theirs, to really understand them.

That’s when I get down to the nitty gritty…sketching, selecting, hunting for everything that I think would work in the design I not have developed. And the process continues until all the decisions have been finalized, and until my clients are totally satisfied. Of course, hours are spent developing budgets; completing millwork and custom furniture drawings; developing window and wall treatments; meetings with vendors; working with the subcontractors; purchasing all the goods and completing the installations, and so much more…

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