Healthcare Design by Brenda Weiss and Katherine Swanson

Concepts for Design’s healthcare designers understand intimately the human response to the built environment, particularly in relation to the psychology of illness and disability. The unique aspects of healthcare design must address the patient, the patient’s family, and the staff, who work long and tiresome hours in a stressful environment.

We have years of experience in all facets of healthcare design, among which are eldercare facilities, psychiatric and substance-abuse treatment centers, ambulatory surgical centers, med-spas, medical and dental offices, as well as hospital departments and outpatient centers. We approach each healthcare design with an understanding of the human factors involved in creating healing environments, from the need for nature and beauty, to control over personal space, to the need for order. We view healthcare design as a participate in the therapeutic process and seek to integrate all aspects of our design towards that single goal…restoring and preserving emotional and physical health.